Discover. Inspire Celebrate!!!

Leveraging the power of Integrated Philanthropic Communications™!

At Adventum Philanthropic Marketing we've developed Integrated Philanthropic Communications™ (IPC), an approach that combines all of your promotional and fundraising activities into a single coordinated effort. IPC pulls together six key promotional tools to help potential supporters discover what you do, to inspire them to contribute to your cause, and to give you and them opportunities to celebrate together the difference you make in the world.

DISCOVER - Accompany your prospective donors on a journey of discovery, in which they uncover for themselves the elements of your mission that match their philanthropic vision.
This requires discovery on two levels:

  • you have to discover all that is special and unique about your own cause
  • your donors have to discover how those same special and unique qualities can fulfill their own philanthropic vision

INSPIRE - Donors will only give when the cause inspires them. We all have a philanthropic vision, a set of things we would do to make the world a better place, if only we had the means to do so. We will donate to an organization only when we believe that this organization is the one that can make that difference. Facts alone won't accomplish that; we need to feel inspired.

CELEBRATE - "Stewardship" is something we do to the donor. Celebration is something we do with the donor. And that makes all the difference! You want your donors to revel in the difference they have made. You want them to be excited, and you want them to excite others. 

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